The Old Me

” I wish I could see myself how others see me” -old me. It wasn’t until recently that I started feeling confident AF. I’ve heard it all: “We’re at the beach, take your shirt off! You workout constantly. You never show it off!”

The struggle? Losing more than 80 lbs and yo-yo dieting for years will leave you with stretch marks and loose skin. But here’s the deal. We aren’t born hating our body. It’s something that is self-taught as we experience life. Stretch marks and loose skin are normal. They come from a multitude of things and do not need to be “fixed.” This can’t be the shit we’re chasing as our marker of progress and goals It. Can. NOT!

Reality is that now I CAN see myself how others see me, I just have to put in the work. This started changing when I started telling myself positive daily affirmations every time I saw myself in the mirror like, “you look strong AF today!” If you look in the mirror and say negative things, guess what? You’re going to see it and believe it. It doesn’t help that social media spams and highlights photoshopped bodies with the dopest camera angles either. Clean up your IG, ditch the comparison game, and all of the fitspos you follow that have chiseled abs 24/7/365 because our body isn’t meant to do that. We aren’t a fucking photograph to be admired.

Please make sure that our goals are realistic and attainable so we don’t spend our entire life being miserable, endlessly dieting, and hating our body. We are so much more than how we look and fit in clothes. Our value as a person doesn’t lie in the number on the scale or being a certain body fat percentage. Celebrate YOUR fucking accomplishments, YOUR journey, and how far YOU’VE come. Eat well, exercise regularly, and celebrate whatever body comes as a result of those habits!

-Danny Magallon